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Why post-press kit is beginning to matter

Commercial printing is seeing a slowdown; at the same time, there is no dearth of print jobs. We have seen leading commercial printers across India boost their capacity. Many of the printer-visitors we spoke to talked about the growing awareness of print buyers. There is equal stress on the finishing as there is on print quality. Be it saddle-stitching, perfect binding, lamination and case-making were on display. Players like Megabound, Fortec, Suba Solutions, Malhotra Graphics, Pratham Technologies, Welbound (on the Pressline stand), etc made their presence felt at the show.

Bhogle Engineering Works showcased live demonstration of the 32-inch Thermolam 800 AC along with 24-inch Thermolam 600 AC. The Thermolam 800 AC uses hot oil spray for heating the roller. It is equipped with an automatic cutting device to deliver the output in sheet form. Yogesh Bhogle of Bhogle Engineering Works, says, “These machines are targeted at digital as well as offset print firms, which require in-house lamination. The trend is shifting from conventional wet glue lamination to thermal lamination.” The company has installed more than 400 machines since 2002, of which 35 installations were in 2012.

Sheth Printograph under the brand name Daya launched proto-type of finishing machines which includes Daya automatic thermal laminator. The laminator has a size of 15 x 20- inch and is equipped with inline sheet separator. The machine accepts stock ranging from 150gsm to 450gsm and has a speed of 50 meters/minute, depending on the substrate. Sonal Sheth, director at Sheth Printograph, says, “It is difficult for the small to medium print firms to invest in expensive European finishing machines nor do they have big shop-floor where the machines can be installed. Our machine suits Indian requirements.” Sheth Printograph has already applied for registration of the patent for the machine.

Welbound displayed its WB 2000, a six-clamp perfect binding machine at Pressline’s stall. WB 2000 has a capacity to bind 2,000 books/hour and can bind book with size ranging from 150×100 mm up to 440×250 mm. The machine has six book clamps traveling in an oval shaped path, where the spine is inline with the crucial binding station. The book clamps is calibrated with thickness indicators; single knob adjustments and can handle job change-over efficiently.

Kerala-based Redlands Machinery unveiled Petratto Metro 78, the folder-gluer which is capable of 100 different types of folds, including in the small pharmaceutical cartons. Fortec Binding System showcased the Fortec Eco, a case-making machines and automatic Fortec 2 Fold board fixing machine. Fortec Eco can be customised and has a digital control and A/C drive system. The 2 Fold board fixing machine has an automatic registration system and a pneumatic control system that helps fix the board with perfect registration.The production speed of the machine is 400 cases/hr.

Megabound launched four new post-press machines, namely automatic case maker Pearl, MAC-650, X-Press Bookline and PB-680. Automatic case maker Pearl is an automatic case maker wherein all the process is automated except for the manual gluing system. It has a production speed of 500 cases/ hour and can accept paper and board thickness ranging from 80gsm up to 5mm. The MAC-650 is a fully automatic case maker and has production speed of 800 cases/ hour.

Amritsar-based Five Star Printing Machinery launched exercise booking binding and folding machine, which can be customised according to customer’s requirement.


NextEra Energy Resources commissions its 10,000th megawatt of wind energy

Earlier today, NextEra Energy Resources, LLC, celebrated the commissioning of its 10,000th megawatt (MW) of wind energy. NextEra Energy Resources achieved this significant milestone when it commissioned its 10,000th MW at its 400-MW Limon Wind Project in Colorado. Altogether, NextEra Energy Resources’ North American wind energy fleet is capable of generating enough electricity to power a city the size of Chicago.

“In addition to the environmental benefits of emission-free wind energy, our wind energy centers have helped revitalize rural communities across the United States and Canada through the creation of jobs, lease payments to landowners, property tax payments, and the ongoing purchase of goods and services,” said NextEra Energy Resources President and CEO Armando Pimentel. “While achieving 10,000 megawatts is a significant numerical milestone, it also reflects the hard work and dedication of our employees and customers who share our belief in the importance of clean energy.”

By the end of 2012, NextEra Energy Resources, through its subsidiaries, expects to have more than 10,000 MW of wind in operation, with wind projects in 19 states and four Canadian provinces, representing a total capital investment of more than $16 billion.

“This milestone shows the power and potential of wind energy for economic and national security. Wind-energy production supports 75,000 jobs nationwide and drives $15 billion in private investment in a clean, renewable, and domestic energy source,” said U.S. Sen. Chuck Grassley of Iowa, author of the wind-energy production tax credit. “Continued support for wind-energy production is good for the environment, American workers, and energy development here at home.”

The Journey to 10,000 MWSince its first investment in wind power in 1989, NextEra Energy Resources and its predecessor companies have focused on making investments in wind power that made sense environmentally and economically. In 2012, NextEra Energy Resources expects to add approximately 1,500 MW of new U.S. wind projects to its portfolio, marking the largest wind program ever completed in this country in a single year.

“Colorado is proud that the Limon project is the site of NextEra Energy Resources’ 10,000th MW milestone,” said Gov. John Hickenlooper. “Wind continues to be a cost-competitive, clean, domestic energy source. Developing Colorado’s wind resources has helped to diversify and strengthen our state’s rural and manufacturing economies.”

“Wind energy is an important part of our commitment to provide value to our customers. It’s clean, renewable and competitively priced,” said Xcel Energy Chairman, President and CEO Ben Fowke. “As Xcel Energy has grown its wind portfolio, we have developed a trusted partnership with NextEra Energy Resources as they help us meet our customers’ energy needs.”

About NextEra Energy ResourcesNextEra Energy Resources, LLC (together with its affiliated entities, “NextEra Energy Resources”), is a clean energy leader and is one of the largest competitive energy suppliers in North America, operating in 22 states and Canada as of year-end 2011. NextEra Energy Resources is the largest generator in the United States of renewable energy from the wind and sun, owning and operating approximately 8,569 megawatts of wind and 158 megawatts of solar power at the end of 2011. The business operates clean, emissions-free nuclear power generation facilities in New Hampshire, Iowa and Wisconsin as part of the NextEra Energy nuclear fleet, which has one of the largest number of commercial nuclear power units in the United States.

Kawasaki Introduces New 95Z7 Wheel Loader

KCMA Corporation, the marketer for Kawasaki wheel loaders in North America, is proud to announce the all new 95Z7 wheel loader. This outstanding machine is completely redesigned to meet all EPA Tier 4i emission standards as well as to improve operating efficiency and productivity. At 388 net horsepower and equipped with a 7.3 cubic yard General Purpose bucket, this production class loader is a pace setter in the industry.

The most apparent change to the 95Z7 is the overall appearance. Striking new styling sets this machine apart from the crowd. These styling changes are functional as well as aesthetic. The hood design improves rear visibility and serviceability.

The powertrain for the 95Z7 provides power and durability. The reliable and fuel efficient Isuzu 6WG1 diesel meets all Tier 4i emission standards with the use of Cooled Exhaust Gas Recirculation and Diesel Particulate Filter or Exhaust Filter systems. This 16 liter engine is the largest in the class, providing excellent reserve capacity. The big planetary automatic-shift transmission has automotive-style smooth shifting from pulse width modulation in the control valve.

This transmission also has standard Lock-up Torque Converter to improve fuel economy and performance. Plus the 95Z7 has standard Traction Control and Torque Proportioning Differentials to reduce wheel spin and extend tire life. The service brakes are mid-mounted for high capacity and cool operation and the final drives are outboard mounted for easy access.

The totally redesigned hydraulic system uses reliable, high performance Kawasaki variable displacement piston pumps that improve fuel efficiency. The operator station is roomy and provides excellent visibility, controllability and comfort to optimize productivity.

Like all Kawasaki Z7 series loaders, the 95Z7 has many new features to allow the machine to be operated at peak efficiency in a wide range of applications. Many intelligent features use inputs from the machine to adjust performance to match the conditions. Other features allow the operator to make adjustments to fit his requirements for production or comfort.

Diagnostic systems have been improved to allow for more detailed data access to troubleshoot issues quickly and accurately. Serviceability is improved with easy access to the engine, cooling system cores, and filters. Oil change intervals have been increased for the engine and hydraulic systems to reduce overall operating costs. Cooling fan efficiency is improved with aerodynamic designs to improve air flow and cooling efficiency.

Not only did the Kawasaki 95Z7 introduce many new features, but it retained several of the heavy duty structural features that it has become famous for. Things like Dual Z-Linkage, Box Section Frames, Base Mounted Boom Cylinders and Heavy Duty Center Pin designs make the 95Z7 the strongest machine in its class.

This machine is ideal for loading customer trucks in a quarry, handling hot slag in a steel mill, carrying big log loads in a millyard, or handling any tough jobs a wheel loader is required to do. The 95Z7 is the flagship of the Kawasaki family of wheel loaders.